8 MASSAGE ROLLER BALLS - Deep-kneading nodes (4 large & 4 small) closely match the hands and feel of a professional masseur. Whether you need a relaxing and soothing massage or a deeper sports-style massage to relieve muscle tightness, this portable massager provides instant relief to those aches, pains and sore muscles.

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY & TWO MASSAGE DIRECTIONS - Easily switch between Low, Medium and High Speeds and 2 Directions of Movement. Take complete control of your massage experience to relieve stress and receive the endless comfort and massaging pleasure you deserve.

ADVANCED HEAT FUNCTION - The Shiatsu Massager features an advanced built-in heat function that provides warmth to the muscles and enhances the massage effects. Simply press the button, lay back and relax!

FULL BODY MASSAGE - The Ergonomic design allows the massager to be used on many parts of the body, comfortably and safely. It’s a Neck Massager, Shoulder Massager and Back Massager - all in one! Get creative relieving sore muscles and releasing stress – why not try your feet, legs or glutes. Relax in the comfort of your own home with this stimulating massage experience.

PORTABLE WITH CARRY CASE & CAR CHARGER INCLUDE - Includes a beautiful carry bag, perfect for taking your massager with you to work or during your travels. We have also included a car adapter for those much needed short breaks on long car journeys - just plug in and relax for a few minutes after pulling over!